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The decision to sell your own home is an important one. Honest, accurate information is essential to make well-informed decisions throughout the selling process.

Madonna Steinlage has the expertise to help you sell your home quickly, easily and for the highest possible price. If you are considering selling your home, here are a few helpful tips:

Consider placing your house on the market as far in advance as possible before purchasing another home as to not have two mortgages and the additional expense of a bridge loan.

Find out the selling price of homes in your neighborhood in order to price your home competitively. CENTURY 21® Coast to Coast will give you market trends, a comparative market analysis, and professional guidance in selling your home for the highest possible price.

Be realistic in pricing your home – i.e., if your home lacks amenities of an equally-priced comparable house in your neighborhood, discount the price accordingly.

Ensure your home will be available to the agent and is accessible to be shown at a moment’s notice. Be flexible. Accessibility is essential for clients and agents to make a deal.

Make every effort to make your house look extraordinary. Often these improvements are low in cost, and will considerably improve the perceived value of your home.

Clean the home thoroughly – “white-glove” clean – and maintain this as much as possible while selling. Appliances need to be shined, shampoo and vacuum the carpet and polish the floors. Remove dust, flies and moths from light fixtures. Clean the windows inside and out. A spotless home is an inexpensive investment that generates well-rewarded returns.

Remove clutter from your home. Keep your kitchen spotless and remove unnecessary items from the counter-tops. Move clothes out of your closets so they do not appear full. Remove extra furniture and pictures from the room. Remove conspicuous personal items. Remember, you want to show off the house – not yourself, and these tips will visually expand the rooms in your home.

Get rid of any junk. If it has value, take it to a recycle establishment, have a yard sale or donate to your favorite charity – many will even come pick up your unneeded items!

Eliminate offensive odors. Use an air freshener, eliminate the smell of dogs, cats, kids, spicy food, etc. Odors are hard to explain away and are always noticed. If necessary, bake cookies or an apple pie – a good smell for the open house!

A clean front yard makes a great first impression. Weed the flower beds, trim the shrubs, mow the lawn, sweep the walkways and rake the leaves. Plant flowers in flower beds or pots that are in season to liven up appearances. Straighten gutters, planters, mailbox, or things that sag or tilt.

Fix or repair any items that are not in perfect working order. Sometimes a five-dollar repair job will leave questions in a buyer’s mind. Some quick fixes could include:

Tighten and repair loose knobs, sticky doors and windows.

Repair light switches that do not work.

Fix cabinet doors that do not work right. Oil hinges. Repair minor flaws.

Repair caulking and grout in bathroom. Fix leaky faucets.

Paint the shutters. Paint or touch up the trim.

If repainting, a fresh coat of paint that is neutral enhances the decorating detail to a home. Paint smells clean.

Close the garage door. Hide the garbage cans. Put away toys. Remove extra cars.

Turn on the lights and open the curtains and let in the natural light. Show all rooms bright. Increase the wattage if necessary. On overcast days take special care to show it bright. Keep the room temperature comfortable. Consider mirrors to make a dark room look larger as well as reflect outdoor light.

When your house is shown, leave. Take a walk – leave the clients with the agent. Don’t interfere with the agent and possibly hurt the selling opportunity.

A vase of fresh flowers adds to the atmosphere.

If the house is somewhat vacant, staging antiques appropriately can create a dramatic emotional statement. There are professional companies that do just that, usually for more expensive estates.